Yumsters come to the iPhone in a Tasty Way


Tasty Way by KranX is the iPhone follow up of the popular PC and online version of Yumsters saga. The characters remain the same and the visual style is loyal to previous versions. For the iPhone, however, the game mechanics change to being a complete different game. 


In tasty way your hungry worm, the yumster, will walk through the woods to find food. This little guy is so hungry that won't stop, so you will only be able to guide it drawing the path with your finger. This feels pretty much like any drawing game, but with the aim of getting as many fruits as possible. Player will have to bear in mind that the small yumster will leave droppings along the way and will come back to the same area later. Strategy is key to remember to leave a path open free of poo. Otherwise the game will finish.



Tasty Way is very different from Yumsters but seems like a good adaptation of the series and I can see effort to make it a fun game. Don't be fooled by the looks, this game will has a lot of thinking behind it and will keep puzzle and tower defense lovers.