WWDC 2010: The most promising developer conference ever

What's up with Steve Job's and WWDC 2010? The CEO and new email customer service chap is warming up the next developer conference ever. Apple indirectly showed that this year the focus will be the iPhone with the iPhone-exclusive Apple Design Awards in this edition. Now he replies to people's emails himself from his iPhone. We've seen many in the last weeks and the two last ones made public are about the WWDC 2010 and Android. 
Bryan Webster has shown MacRumors his reply from Jobs about the developer conference. The short email starts with a "Are Google taking the piss? I hope you have some good WWDC announcements to blow them out the water? F*** the Google Android Team" signs Webster with a "Sent from my iPhone." Steve doesn't mind the language and replies with a daring "You won't be disappointed" and the same default iPhone signature.
He will be on stage next 24th May to talk to the 5,000 developers who managed to register before it sold out in days. The Apple vs. Google confrontation will reach its boiling point at the Moscone Center since everyone expects that His Jobsness comes up with a plan to stop the ever expanding Google. With the Android platform growing fast and developers keep to work open source and not under Apple's way of… managing the AppStore, it should better be a good announcement. I think that at the current time, a big slip in Cupertino could get iPhone fans running to get more sophisticated, open and cheap smartphones. At least there will be a choice between the latest HTC, Motorola, Nexus One. 

"You won't be disappointed" Steve Jobs
Perhaps that's why Apple will focus heavily on the iPhone OS platform during the sessions and make a product announcement. In 2008 WWDC introduced the iPhone SDK and the AppStore, an huge leap for the business. In 2009 we saw an upgraded 3GS version. For 2010 I hope there will be a killer phone and a commitment to be open to developers about their policies. And please, no Flash references, we got the point! Remember to go nuts if someone mentions Android over there. Do you agree? Is WWDC 2010 the most promising ever?