Would you mind the 59p? ustwo™ say R.I.59P

via blog.ustwo.co.uk

Now that everyone in the editorial business is speculating with Apple's pricing for the iBooks on the iPad I can't stop thinking of the other iTunes stores. The AppStore must be a successful model because it's cheaper than other platforms. Add the fact that it has the most varied selection of apps and games and you get iPhone and iPod Touch happy. 

Is this situation ideal? Taking for granted that Apple will be always 30% happy, the AppStore economy is questioned once again, this time it's price. London and Malmo based studio ustwo™ want to raise their voice hoping that developers will join the cause. Their idea: To stop using the minimum price point set by Apple in the AppStore: $0.99 / 59p

For co-founder mills™ defends that selling apps for 59p won't be profitable for anyone except for big corporations. "The emergence of the 59p price point 100% kick-started the app store phenomenon as we know it today, but the bottom line is that it’s impossible to make money at the 59p price point for 99% of studios. I'm talking about enough money to actually allow you to survive on app sales alone."

"If people are not making money then clearly there is no market, just the illusion of one created by the hope of hitting the jackpot."

What interests me most what iPhone users might think of it. I remember the introduction of the 59p price mark being devastating for some developers and the suggestion of some of raising the bar with a premium store to separate them from fart and boob apps. For iPhone users having an AppStore is like buying a pack of crisps from the newsagent every day. It's cheap, they taste awful but you love them because you're used to them. When you're done you chuck it and forget. Tomorrow another 59p for the same crap.

"I’m hinting at the future of the app store as it stands today with developers from all walks of life having a go and creating great apps. "

It makes sense for a developer that sells apps like positionapp to other developers to make such bold statements. ustwo™ is not a two man team, it's a successful company with a team of 50 with some experience (good and bad). I bet they can say something about it. Would you mind the 59p? For mills™ "If we don’t address the price point issue and the realities of what’s going on at the moment, then we may see in the future a purely corporate, branded led app store with no individuality shining through. We say R.I.59P"