Where are the most expensive apps?

We often complain and make comparisons about the AppStore and its random effects. With the aim to help us to understand more about it, Distimo and Skyhook Wireless have released the November trends report about the different mobile platform markets. 


via flickr.com

If there is one app that all iPhone users should be jealous from the Android platform is the free Google Maps Navigation. Location based apps are hot right now, and turn-by-turn and social applications try to conquer every market. Navigation and travel are categories to look at, because I constantly see big apps with big prices. In fact, the highest prices for the App Store (Think of CoPilot Live or MobileNavigator starting at $25). 

This characteristic is not exclusive for the iPhone and iPod Touch users. Both Android Market and the BlackBerry App World customers can experience the same. Big publishers like Motion X, CandyCane, SGN, ALK, Trimble and Telmap are going in this direction. What we continue to see is the AppStore keeping its pace, with the top 100 in this category averaging less than $5. Arguably there are many $0.99 apps out there as well to keep the balance. The Android Market presents similar figures and BlackBerry continues to bid for premium apps only over $10.

Are price differences too big? Could apps be a key factor when deciding to choose a smartphone? 

[Note] The report includes a Molinker as top 5 ranked app in the navigation category. Let's remember it was expelled from the AppStore two weeks ago for bogus reviews.