Welcoming the Indie Apps Alliance

In an AppStore where is increasingly more difficult to stand out, full of fart, spammy and scammy apps out there the ones that don't accept it must join the rebel alliance. Coming soon, the Indie Apps Alliance (IAA) will be opening soon for beta testing. They are looking for 50 iPhone developers to join the initiative that want to give exposure to their apps.

The IAA wants to create a label of quality that groups together independent app developers against the EA and Gameloft empire. The Alliance should help indie developers gaining exposure  without the marketing budget of the big boys. The requirement to apply is to be an iPhone OS developer not making more than $100,000 per year. Much discussed in the TouchArcade forums, the IAA will have a quality criteria to accept dev's application. 

Playhaven and App Treasures are other initiatives focused in uniting indie developers.