Wallpaper Fix previews your iPhone backgrounds

Well-aligned, crisp parallax wallpapers

The App Store has a large supply of light image editors, filters and blur effect apps to tweak your background. While being able to experiment with the artistic side of things, I tend to miss something more technical, even mundane. The way Camera Roll works with the Settings app means you can be scrolling to find the right custom wallpaper, apply it and realise its not as crisp as you were expecting.


Although I'm normally wary of single-purpose utility apps, Wallpaper Fix is a great tool to optimise that pain that is changing your iPhone's homescreen background. Developed by Bernhard Obereder specifically with iOS 7 users in mind, the app uses basic zooming and rotating gestures to help you position your phone just the way you wanted. Imagine a landscape picture where the horizon line is not well aligned. Perhaps this is something you wouldn't realise seeing the photo on its own, but once it's placed under the grid of icons you instantly get the impression there's something not quite right there.

Wallpaper Fix also addresses the resizing issue on larger iPhones. Photos taken with your device simply don't have the same aspect ratio as the 4-inch screens, usually making you compromise space either at the top or bottom by cropping. The app pulls a little trick adding invisible border to an image so it's recognised on the Settings app exactly as you want to position it.


If you have enabled the parallax effects on your backgrounds you will find they end up being slightly zoomed in, which can result in some blur or letter boxing. Wallpaper Fix allows you to make prepare those images with a small border so they don't end up so cropped once the parallax effect is applied.

The last bit I really like about this app is how it overlays an icons on top to give you a preview of how the chosen image would look on your homescreen. Apple's default choice only previews a photo on the lock screen (the one with the time), which is not as cluttered. Believe it or not, this ends up being a great time saver to discard pictures that are going to be too detailed or have too much white on them for the icon labels to be legible.

With it's utilitarian iOS 7 icon and small footprint, Wallpaper Fix is an ideal app to put on a 'Utilities folder' until you have this amazing photo you want to use as background. My only nitpick is that this functionality could have been added to Blurify, an app to add blur effects to your wallpapers by the same developer.