Transfer your WhatsApp account to a new mobile number

We all know how annoying it is changing mobile phone number and having to tell everyone about it. If communicating with your friends and family is actually ‘whatsapping’, you can transfer your existing account and keep all your groups, profile and chat history quite easily. The steps to transfer your WhatsApp Messenger account to a new number are different when you have lost or damaged your SIM card, have changed providers or are travelling abroad and want to use a different mobile number.

To keep your existing WhatsApp account you will need two things: a new mobile number and the smartphone you were using with the app installed. This will allow you to keep your account subscription if you paid for the service, migrate your data and delete the number associated with your WhatsApp account.

Transfer to a new number and delete your old account

Instructions may vary slightly depending on the platform you use. On iOS you just need to launch the app, go to Settings → Account → Change number. You will be asked to enter your old number (the one you want to delete) and the new one (the one you will use from now on). After confirming your selection you will receive a new verification message to confirm you actually are using the new number.

Once your new number is registered all your account records will be associated with it and the old one is deleted from WhatsApp. Should you still tell all your friends that you have changed number?

Using a different number and keeping your old account

This option is ideal when you are travelling abroad and will be using a local mobile number or if you are switching providers and you have been assigned a temporary mobile number. In this case you will definitely need to tell your friends about your new number, set up a new account, join groups and add a profile picture just like any other new user.

Although your WhatsApp account can only be associated to one number, you can still use the service with a new number without deleting your old one. Just insert the new SIM, launch the app and confirm you want to use the app with that new number. Your old account will remain active and will be able to use it as long as you insert your old SIM on the same device.