Time to complete your Gamebook Adventures collection

Choose Your Own Adventure fans rejoice. Tin Man Games, the Australian indie team behind the Gamebook Adventures series have decided to put all their titles on sale for the first time before the launch of the brand new The Wizard from Tarnath Tor.

If you are not familiar with the genre, the best thing about gamebooks is the ability to choose your own plot and change the story's end by discovering new areas, meeting new people and, of course, battles! Back in the day, you'll start the book from page one, but will skip big chunks and go back and forward as  the story got more intense. A digital version makes more sense while you can still cheat reading the alternate endings if you want to. 

If you still haven't played with these yet, every book in the series brings the old-school dice-rolling experience, RPGish elements with the typical themes of the popular gamebooks from the 80's plus original stories and artwork. I my general review of the first four GA apps i highlighted their appeal for the generation who grew with fantasy gamebooks, but also its educational value to get a younger audience reading and teaching them about choices. 

Having read the first four Gamebook Adventure apps already, I recently gave a go to the 5th episode, Catacombs of the Undercity, to prepare for the new release. For my surprise, I found it more difficult than the previous ones (could be bad luck?) and would end up being killed pretty easily. With new additions like Game Center achievements and more refined menu screens, I have big expectations for the 6th GA and just hope it won't be as tricky as the previous one. 

Those of you who have already tried Gamebook Adventures, I don't need to say this is a great opportunity to complete your virtual app shelf!