Tilting football is called Boostball

To celebrate the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, Blacksmith Games has released Boostball [iTunes Link], a fun tilting survival game to kill some time during the games half time. The concept is simple: You must conduct a football through through an endless field avoiding touching rival players. Think of it as a 3D football themed "Doodle Jump", where the controls are tilt based and the ball accelerates touching some power-ups. 
Rival players are depicted as blocks in a cartoon fashion that reminds me of something taken out of Japanese show Takeshi's Castle. The game is really simple and really easy to pick-up even if you don't try the training bit where you have to pass the ball through cones.
Avoiding rival players is kind of easy, so all the excitement comes speeding up that ball and getting the fire power-ups to knock out anything on your way. You can get an idea of what the game has to offer in the following video. I enjoyed most the training bit, since passing the ball between the cones is quite tricky.

When I downloaded the game I expected some sort of championship mode or teams involved, but unfortunately it doesn't include any at all. A two player pass&play mode could be cool, where you would pass the iPhone to your friend after scoring a goal. Don't expect a game as long, wacky and well executed as their previous Plushed.
It feels a bit rushed and lacking of game modes, but does for a casual little game and its perfect timing for the World Cup. If you're addicted to OpenFeint games, this one is quite fast to play and could get you achievements quite easily. I must admit that the concept could be easily recycled for the next 6 Nations Cup, because there is not a lot about the World Cup there.