Through Adversity to the Stars: Skies of Glory - Battle of Britain edition

The flight combat game for the iPhone that everyone has talked about for the last months for good and bad reasons comes. Skies of Glory is now back with a special edition with the patriotic name "Battle for Britain" [iTunes Link] where you become a member of the British Royal Air Force to defeat the nazi threat over the islands. It took me two days and hours of fun. 
For those who have played the free version, Battle for Britain is bundled with the campaign pack and other features included for in-app purchase. The deal is clear: Pay for paid content at a reduced price. I don't think anyone but  impulse freemium buyers to get new aircraft £1.19 a piece. The publisher claims that all the goodies included are at third of this price and seems like a decent and convenient option for people like me not so keen on DLC purchases. 
Among the extra content, there are ten different campaigns, being the last three absolutely mental. However, they will be bread and butter for any hardcore fan of SGN games. The Dogfight bundle pack comes with 99 really short skirmish missions with different combinations of enemies and wingmen that you can play unlimited times -worth mentioning to avoid any confusion. You can also play unlimited multiplayer games over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 
The game is just as good as the original: Skies of Glory just works and is fun to play. If you're familiar with F.A.S.T. controls this one is very similar. I can see myself playing this like an idiot moving the iPhone up and down without a blink. Perhaps because the planes are from the World War II and not stealth supersonic ones, controls are less complex. Tilt the iPhone to steer, rotate or loop, using pedals to slide and fire with primary and secondary (machine gun, rockets or bombs) weapons. The slower pace is specially welcoming at earlier missions in campaign mode, that allow you to get the grip of your aircraft, observe the scenery and learn the computer's AI and which are the best planes. 
Multiplayer connected over Wi-Fi with not problems, unlike other highly anticipated titles that required extra router configuration. This one worked for me with no pain. Joining an online game is a matter of seconds and you just jump into an endless game. It could have been nice to have some sort of OpenFeint integration or at least the option to select a room in a lobby. You will find yourself flying over the mountain to see how players enter and leave the room.
Players are set in teams and everyone is identified with names, which is specially useful if you want to return that rocket in your next round. Once the you have completed campaigns and unlocked planes, multiplayer comes as the natural path to show off your skills. 
Battle of Britain won't disappoint. Having one of the best control schemes of the platform, the special edition makes it a collectors piece without the drawbacks of a freemium app
I recommend to download the free version and then upgrade to this Battle for Britain pack after looking carefully at the content included. It seems that SGN has provided a non-freemium option for gamers that prefer fixed price apps, and they deserve some respect for rectifying and giving us this option.