Thrilled like the first day

As much as I like new Apple product announcements, nothing beats the thrill of the launch of a new operating system. Only days ahead of the announcement of new iPhones and the release of the most radical update to iOS to date, I can't help to think what a great gift this is.


Three years ago I rambled about the same idea: the one that iPhone owners should be grateful for the regular free updates of the operating system. At that time I was impressed about how one-year-old hardware could be refreshed in such a way.

All the goodness of the iOS 4 version will be available for all of us with older models. Things like multitasking, app folders, iBooks and Mail improvements are going to make me feel like my 3GS is really one year older.

The statement is also applicable for what's to come next week. Fast-forward to 2013 and this year there are substantial software features that have been previewed on Apple's website so far. I can think of iTunes Radio, iCloud keychain and Activation Lock as the most notable. Some older devices will be dropped and others won't get every fancy cosmetic tweak, but it still feels like getting something new in your pocket.

With iOS 7 the 'new' aspect might bring some discomfort for the less tech-savvy and some hardcore users. Even the people that don't care much about gadgets will have something to say about the new colour palette, the predominance of whitespace and that terribly thin version of Helvetica nobody told them about.

I haven't tried iOS 7 yet. I think I've done it on purpose to be surprised like the majority of the people. I want to share those strange days of discovery with the rest of non-developer mortals. A good time to share with others those unexpected surprises, don't you think?

Even if there are going to be some early shocks and the inevitable initial rejection, there's a feeling that will prevail: the idea that you will be able to enjoy the same experience as others with a brand new handset. Three years later this is still an awesome thing.

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