This is a Canabalt destruction - Robot Rampage review

Have you ever heard Orson Wells' radio broadcast "The war of the worlds"? Would you like to do the same? You've guessed it. There's an app for that. 

Robot Rampage [iTunes Link] is the latest sci-fi inspired game from Origin8, the creators of popular Sentinel series and more recently Space Station: Frontier. If you think of movies like "Robot Monster", this game will put you in the driving seat of a destruction robot that just arrived in town. The goal of the game is cruel and simple: Destroy all you can. 

You move your giant robot on a 2D scenarios with background graphics and sound of explosions around you. This is without doubt an alien invasion! You can tap to move from left to right destroying everything you find on your way. Use your robotic arms to collapse entire buildings, stomp on the ground and use your cyclops-type laser. Oh, and unlimited ammunition laser. 

The most powerful attack is a the nuclear blast, which recharges over time. As you might have expected, it wipes out anything on the screen. The game playas well and the controls as easy to pick up. The best part of the game must be using the laser to rampage. Keep the finger on the screen and drag it around to see how the robot follows it with the laser. The fact that the laser isn't pointed immediately at your finger makes it very veridicand has a robotic feel I guess. 

"It's closer to Canabalt than to HookChamp, simple games with high level of graphic refinement"

You might find goodies like health along the way, and you must need to destroy pretty much everything before progressing to the next blocks. The player can choose the pace of the game, getting rid of the attacking troops first and finish with the standing buildings with no time pressure.

The game has a better icon than the version used for the AppStore on desktop (used right at the beginning of this post). I also think it looks fantastic as it is without a think bezel or a OpenFeint logo.  

The game as it is doesn't include any upgrade system of different scenarios. It's closer to Canabalt than to HookChamp, simple games with high level of graphic refinement. Origin8 really has a flair for sci-fi games and their graphic level is faultless. The music included sets you in the scene, but there is also the option to play your own music. Nice. Good for a couple rampage relaxing minutes.