The joy of pixel art

More retro gaming from Underground Pixel

You may remember Kevin Drew of Underground Pixel from our interview earlier last year. The studio has been able to marry perfectly pixel-art style arcade games with the Retina displays on Apple's devices — not an easy task. Known to iOS players for its Holiday Havoc and the arcady Pastry Panic, the developer is up to something really ambitious.

First is the latest update to Pastry Panic, which is a free update for everyone who bought the original title. Version 1.2 is a meaty one, adding three extra scenarios that take the hungry protagonist of the game to your kitchen, freezer and even space. There's also a new game mode, chiptune music, power-ups and new types of pastry. Moreover, the delicious in-app-purchase content which I praised in my review, has been expanded with new hats, four filters and another unlockable character. 

The original version included a cameo of the Soosiz and Hurdle Turtle characters — absolutely awesome! All these touches, along with an improved icon, are a very good argument to make you revisit this title.

A new game in the works

This is not everything that is keeping Underground Pixel busy. Its next release with the epic working title Invader Eliminator has seen the light and there is some alpha footage already available. From what I see, this is keeping loyal to the studio principles, with a very strong retro presentation, simple controls and an arcade high-score gameplay.  

Kevin tells me the basic mechanic will get players avoiding running into aliens directly, tapping to jump on the opposite side of the screen as the only way to get rid of them. Smashing aliens in a row will trigger combos, which sounds like a great hook to keep retrying to beat the high score. This third game is also expected to have all the additional extras that make Pastry Panic so enjoyable: playable guest characters, upgrades, locations, enemies,… 

While we wait for its release early next year, I suggest you hit the update button on the App Store and check our the latest update of Pastry Panic.