The iPhone Reality Show team working on an event app

As reported last week the iPhone Reality Show has begun and is already in its fourth day. The goal, to develop an iPhone application in only one week. The men for the job, and international team formed by twelve mac developers, ranging from coders to designers. The location, Big Rock headquarters in the Italian countryside in Venice.  


This is very educational but there is a fun part in it. Hosted by Italian Cosimo and CommandGuru Aaron Hillegas, everyone has a microphone and the action is streamed the whole day. Like in any reality show, they offer some recaps and interviews so you don't miss what happened during the day. You can also interact with the team using twitter and the hostage #CGLive. 


The stage or working area looks modern and has a hint of TV set. With a meeting room, a giant iPhone for demoing, a TV screen displaying tweets and a meeting room with interactive smartboard. With all the competition and secretiveness from app developers, the iPhone Reality Show is very open about the app they are producing. For anyone interested in development, it is a good experience to see this talented guys working on it. You can grab the source code they're using.



They will be developing Wikimeet, a social media application that allows the user to create events and share it with friends and the world. The idea behind it, Aaron explains, is to spend more time socializing and not interacting with your gadgets.

The idea is fantastic to showcase all the steps involved in producing a piece of software like this. The team is going to stretch themselves to pull out this one and they have broken down the days of the week in broad areas with individual tasks for the teams: Code, design, web, analysis, testing and localization. Being in such a big team, getting the app finished within a week will be as hard as getting along with everyone and work as a team. The result, hopefully we will know on Saturday. 

Check out the Live feed how this multinational team develops. I'm looking forward to see the icon design later on today


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