The Heist returns to promote indie Mac games

One of the most exciting email lists in the Mac community has dropped the news: The Heist has been updated for the first time and apparently there was some loot left behind. Believe it or not, it's been almost a year since the game was released. As a quick refresher, The Heist uses the branding of the most popular indie Mac software sale to theme a iOS puzzle game on steroids. Basically four different minigames that tease you until you get to the contents of the security vault. What's up with the new update?

Those familiar with MacHeist know that this is all about app cross promotion and should also appreciate the value of it. For indie Mac developers getting this level of exposure and their name out there is not even comparable with the amount of sales you would be missing in a week giving away your game. Now tap tap tap has teamed up with some prestigious game developers to promote the beta and hype up the upcoming release of Eets 2. 

How is that even possible? If you read the App Store app description carefully you'll realise there isn't any actual content update worth mentioning. It's mainly bug fixes. The difference here is, however, including new rewards for the players that manage to complete the game: a free copy of World of Goo (the desktop version) and Puzzle Agent. 

Even if you have completed the game previously and now deleted it, the new implementation of Game Center and recorded data means that you'll have to begin from scratch -- no previous progress have been saved. There's also a catch for people who never played it, since The Heist is now on sale. In any case, new or old player, you'll want to go through some walkthroughs and cheats to ensure you're the first 25,000 players to get the loot, which gets you the awesome World of Goo via Steam.

While you may argue that the update doesn't bring anything new to the game, think about it. You can always download the apps and games that you've deleted and give The Heist a second opportunity. Because, thanks to the beauty of cross-promotional marketing, for playing and completing such an affordable game you can access premium content while helping to promote the Eets sequel that is pushing all this marketing effort. Enjoy! If you would like to know more about The Heist, I invite you to re-visit my review with some spoilers.