The app that started it all

Back in July 2008, the possibility of install third party applications on the iPhone was the big thing in the really early days of iPhone development.  When the AppStore went live, a couple of titles like Super Monkey Ball had the honour to be amongst the pioneers.
With the amount of apps being submitted everyday Apple is known for controlling the store's content and nowwadays the economy is split in two: Big boys in the gaming industry (Gameloft, EA) doing it the traditional way and freemium kings ngmoco, zynga or SGN taking all the credit. There is one application that has survived all this time: Shazam (PositionApp says the Shazam Encore version [iTunes Link] is strong in the top 50 in most countries)
Well, is not facebook as you might have imagined from the picture. I'm including it because Shazam has made it to this promotional iPad composition on Apple's website. How cool is this? Shazam has a hit when it launched on the AppStore, allowing users to use a service that wasn't new, but the iPhone didn't offer. Being free, it was an easy choice for curious people installing apps for the first time. I would like to know how many people installed Shazam as their first app, I'm sure it doesn't have a rival. 
Since I'm uploading new HD videos to the new channel I didn't want to miss the opportunity to record live one of my favourite apps. It was recorded in at sixtymillionpostcards when the DJ changed songs. I don't think I have to tell anyone at this point, but if you just got an iPod Touch or iPhone, this is a must have.