Ten things you’ll only know if you use AirPods

Apple’s fancy Bluetooth headphones may never become as popular as the original iPod earbuds, but they truly are the best product they have released since the iPhone ten years ago. These are ten magical things you are missing if you don’t own a pair or AirPods.

Using only one at a time to stretch battery life. No idea how long they last. You can magically double that time by using one AirPod at a time. Take that, random Bluetooth headphones!

Keep them anywhere other than the charging case. You are given the most incredible case ever designed and you just leave them on a table. They don’t want to be there. You are a monster. It's a disaster waiting to happen. How can you even breathe?

You make the joke “I just cut the wire and they work just fine”. People look at you. They realise there's something missing. And then you tell them you cut the cable and they still work. It never gets old.

Impossible to lose in your pocket. No matter how many people ask if you’ve ever lost them, the AirPods’ charging case is so unique that it’s impossible to miss in your pocket, purse or backpack. Yes, it looks like a little dental floss, but it’s unmistakable to the touch.

Sound effects from the future. From the gentle sound the case makes when you close it to the bleep they make when they run out of battery, Apple’s use of sound is sublime.

Tap to play like a super secret agent. Playback controls are not their strongest point. Having to tap on your ear in public can be extremely embarrassing or incredibly awesome if you've always wanted to live the life of a secret agent.

Finding them in stock makes you feel like Indiana Jones. Almost a year in and these things are impossible to find. It’s like a nerd’s treasure hunt. I probably gave up three or four times before I found them in stock.

Your podcast ends and you forget you're still wearing them. No cables. No iPhone in sight. Total freedom. You see your reflection in a mirror and realise you're still wearing them.

They won't fall, will they.? People hold their hats when it gets very windy. You are totally confident your AirPods will never fall but still hold them in place just to be on the safe side.