Televised remembers when your favourite TV show airs

Watching companion app for your weekly series

When was the last time you got confused some evening in the week and missed your favourite TV show? And what if your friends at school or co-workers were inevitably talking about last night's episode? Spoilt the ending? Developing addiction for some TV series is something we've all experienced at some point. The sense of anticipation, the tease of what's happening next and the elaborate plots should be something familiar.

There are different ways to consume TV shows, different ways to deal with this addiction. You can buy the DVD box set or are keep the episodes under a season pass on a TiVo, that's fine. If you are going to watch the series as it airs, then you can do with an iPhone helper.

Televised by Robocat is a TV watching companion app that helps you to keep track of the schedules of your shows. As well as other niceties I will comment later, Televised wants to help with a real problem, albeit a first world one. Stop forgetting your TV show schedule giving you a beautiful grid list and sending notifications.

The app greets you with a search bar where to type the currently running series you regularly watch. Once you select a couple of titles, the app will pull information from to provide you with a brief synopsis of the upcoming chapter, and crucially, the date and time. So basically you are creating a selection of the shows you are following so Televised can make sense of it and give you a weekly plan for your TV watching.

Your weekly lineup

After the initial setup, the app presents a list of shows for the week. This is done placing four posters on a grid pattern along with the show name, episode and season numbers. Of course, the week view tells you whether the episode has aired or not yet, giving you options to checkmark it as done and share the details.

In addition to check the timings of upcoming episodes, Televised displays a short summary of the episode on the back of the poster. Tapping on the artwork will trigger a transition turning this into a popover view of sorts.

Just like other Robocat apps, appearance plays an important role. The custom navigation elements, animations and sound effects add a note of quirkiness that keep you using the app. Not only Televised is extremely useful, it's also fun to launch and play with. That top hidden panels, buttons and lighting effects are teasing the eye, asking to be explored.

American market

The only reason why I won't see myself recommending to my British friends is that Televised is directed to US audiences. The airtime schedules are for American TV networks. Sure we get our dose of Homeland, but we don't necessarily watch it on the American TV channel as we have specific thing over here. Even though the app converts the US times to yours determined by your location, these shows are probably going to air by the time you're in bed in Europe.

Everyone else who is keeping a close eye on the latest episodes of Family Guy and The Simpsons for instance, Televised is the perfect tool to remember to watch them live. I like how the app wants to learn about your tastes and presents you with beautiful 'cover art' that maybe you haven't seen before. Discovering more about the pocking show is also a great excuse to return to an app that will automatically remind you with a notification when the show is about to air.

Robocat has done a great work dressing experience with lovely animations and other visual candy. This is a great starting point getting people interested in using the app and I believe it works fantastically well. My only concern is not having, probably not being able to find, a reliable local set of databases for me to keep track of my BBC, Channel 4 and iTV shows.