Take pictures discreetly with Spy Tools for iPhone

Have you ever tried taking pictures without being noticed? From Inspector Gadget up to James Bond, every secret agent has used amazing gizmos to retrieve enemy intelligence. Now you can turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into the ultimate spy tool... Sort of.

Spy Tools [iTunes Link] by One Coffee Milk is a utility/novelty app for the spy deep inside you. Taking advantage of the iPhone's built-in camera, LED flashlight and GPS locator, Spy Tool gives you the tool's to sneak on the neighbours or to stalk a celeb without being noticed.

Taking pictures with the default Camera app isn't the most discrete thing ever. The people behind you can see what you're doing from the distance and the camera shutter animations are way too flashy to be unnoticed. Say hello to the spy camera tools. This feature allows you to take pictures and shoot video with your iPhone while you pretend you're using some other app. We are bordering ethical grounds here, but I assume you'll use the app for legal purposes. Forget about using the app to take pictures of hot chicks: filming someone without permission is creepy and forbidden in many countries!

Imagine you are on the bus and see a man who looks like a celebrity. You are tempted to take a picture to show to your friends but definitely don't want to upset anyone there. Simply launch the Facelook page illusion (a fake screen that looks like Facebook's app) and start taking shots discretely. The person next to you won't even notice! The smart part is that the layout includes a tiny area that helps you to aim correctly. 

Let's say you are at a museum and want to take a snap of a sculpture even though it's forbidden. You wont be able to fake updating your Facebook status here. You can use the black screen invisible camera illusion so nobody knows your phone is even turned on.

The fake screens include the Safari version of The New York Times, a page on iBooks and even a fake phone call. These give you enough variety to avoid looking suspicious. 

Spy Tools doesn't stop there. The app also includes one of those bogus GPS locators, where you type in the mobile phone of a friend and pretend it finds it's location, although you are actually displaying your own location. This was absolutely not necessary, but some people might like it to fool friends.

There is an extra spy tool that is almost not worth mentioning. The mysterious night vision mode is nothing other than... Yes you guessed it, a flashlight app. Once again, nothing revolutionary there, just consider it an additional feature thrown in the app. 

Spy Tools is an unusual option for those iPhone and iPod Touch users who want to be discrete taking pictures and shooting video. Note that the app is filed under Entertainment on the App Store and should be treated as such. The recently updated icon is a massive improvement from its predecessor, but having a camera lens there makes the app rather suspicious. 

I hope the developer continues to support the app and add original new features, because the fake screen illusion can be useful if that's what you're into. There are plenty of other spy apps on the App Store which offer similar gimmicks, but none as smart as the page illusions. I also liked SneakyShot, which takes pics while you pretend to be on a phone call, but makes it more difficult to aim at your subject.