Surviving never felt this good :: Tilt to Live goes HD

Your iPad can freeze because one of the most innovative, acclaimed and fun games for the iPhone has arrived. Tilt to Live HD [iTunes Link] by One Man Left is the crazy tilting game were you avoid those naughty red balls as long as possible, now on a larger screen. 
When the first edition was launched back in February I got completely addicted to it and my videos on YouTube have received comments constantly. If you haven't read the review, what caught my eye when was its easy to pick up game mechanics and the really simple game controls, fine tuned to perfection. If you already like the game, you won't be disappointed. The same mechanics and game modes are present here and all the quirky music and weapons have been brought to the iPad intact.There are some novelties that I must point out. 
First and most obvious, Tilt to Live HD is free. Backed by a successful iPhone release, One Man Left offers the iPad version as a lite app with limited content. The full game can be purchased as DLC content instead of having to download a separate app. After posting my thoughts on HD vs. Universal apps, I wonder how this pricing model will affect sales and reviews. It would be a shame to see one star reviews on iTunes, but due to their past experience, I reckon this game will soon jump to the AppStore Free Top Ten list in a matter of days. Playing classic mode, the only one available when it first launched, is a recommended experience for any iPad owner, even those not big fans of games. 
Second, the yellow game type, Gauntlet Evolved is now based on points. You'll need to collect orbs to increase your score while avoid being touched by red balls and some other surprises in a weapon shape. During my pre-release testing, I found it a great way to pump up scores fast and getting the grip of the AI.    

The game feels fantastic on a larger screen. Seasoned players will need to refine their tilting maneuvers because the iPad definitely feels different with the standard settings on. The device is heavier and tilting feels a bit slower than the iPhone counterpart. I had to increase the speed slightly, but the calibration menu works great and gives no problem at all.
The four game modes benefit from the extra real estate as Tilt to Live HD doesn't keep the proportions with its older iPhone brother. There is more space, more weapons to choose from and yes, more red balls that will try to eliminate you. 
I found the game extremely fun to play on the iPad and I wasn't disappointed with this adaptation at all. The graphics look crisper and there explosions and animations have been redrawn adding more detail and dynamism. The basics remain the same, but it feels like more grown up. At the current price, its definitely a recommended grab. If you already own the iPhone version, this might convince you, but you can always keep it as a free app. My only advice: Be very careful and don't get over excited tilting your big boy.