Static is a minimal social media stat tracker

Up-to-date follower statistics on your iPhone

Monitoring your social media statistics seems to be all the rage on iOS. Perhaps the slow death of Ego, an app removed from the App Store, could have a lot to do. Only one month ago I wrote about Statnut, a simple app to keep track of your social media following. Analytics Tiles and Analytiks did the same for website owners using Google's tool of the same name while Birdbrain has done the same for Twitter.

Static for iPhone by Jayson Layne of Freshbytes wants to be a convenient statistic hub for your iPhone. Designed with content creators in mind, the app supports Twitter, Google Analytics, Instagram, Dribbble and Github at launch, possibly with more coming in future updates.

The approach taken here is direct and simple. Every service is a block on a table view, which you can rearrange to your liking. The information presented is also quite minimal, with a basic icon representing the service, username with a carefully chosen font and the actual numbers on the right end. Unlike Statnut, which presented all the information available dragging those blocks horizontally, Static prefers to show one figure at a time. To change the information displayed, simply tap on the username and a graceful flip animation will show a different stat.

One stat at a time

The mechanic is similar to the now defunct Ego if you're familiar with it. Your Twitter account can display your followers, amount of tweets and following. Google Analytics will show the page views and unique visitors for today and the day before. You get the idea.

One of the neat things you can do is to keep two measurement types for the same service at the same time. Say you want to keep track of your new followers and your amount of tweets, you can do this. If you would like to compare the visitors of your site yesterday against the ones today, simply add another tab for the same Google Analytics account.

One of the features I'm missing is the ability to compare the stats with past ones. At the moment, Static gives you an impression of what's happening right now and not how this compares to where you were a week ago. Similar apps managed to include some indicator to show the increase or decrease in followers for example. Birdbrain even kept these changes updated every time you launched the app, giving you meaningful figures such as 'you have +3 followers since you last checked'.

Like with all these apps I feel you'll be able to put up with some missing functionality in favour for aesthetics. Static is minimalist in presentation. This should attract content creators tired of cumbersome user interfaces who appreciate flat colours without fanfare.

If you're in the market for a Github stat tracker, Static is the choice. There are some popular services missing such as YouTube or Facebook, so check the latest update in case these after this is published. I really dig the simple design choices and the subtle animations. However, I'd like to have an option to see how these current stats compare to the previous day, for instance or the month. With these two criticisms addressed, Static could become my social media tracker of choice.