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Interested in learning more about app development for Android? With Zapporoo.com’s help, you can go further than just dreaming up great apps, and actually make one yourself! Zapporoo is a 100% confidential App firm that has teams of professionals and experts in the app designer industry. We’re able to assist in the development of your app, its registration, and even its marketing. Whether you already own an Android device or simply prefer it as your chosen platform, check out a few development tips and enjoy the journey:

Set Up Android features a “class” for building your first app, which starts by setting up your development “environment.” Download Android Studio software, as well as the latest SDK tools and platforms via the SDK manager.

Next Steps Once you’ve set up your environment, you’ll need to create a project with Android Studio. Click ‘New Project’ on the Welcome screen, and start creating your app under the ‘Configure’ heading. At this point you’ll provide your app name, company domain, fully-qualified package name for the project, and project location. You’ll also select the “form factors your app will run on,” i.e. phone and tablet, and enter your Minimum Required SDK. The minimum is the earliest version of Android your app supports.

Hello World You’ve now created a basic “Hello World” app containing default files. Review these files before moving on with your project.

Running the App Android developing also offers lessons regarding running your app on an actual device. This varies depending on the Android version you’re using, but for our purposes let’s go with Android 4.0 or newer.

Plug your device into your computer with a USB cable, and if developing through Windows you might have to install the appropriate USB driver for your particular device. It’s also important to enable USB debugging at this time.

To run the app through Android Studio, select a project file and hit ‘Run,’ which is found on the toolbar. Select the ‘Choose a running device’ radio button from the ‘Choose Device’ window that pops up. Click ‘Ok’ to allow Android Studio to install and run the app on your device.

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