Sponsor - WeatherBug

WeatherBug brings you the most comprehensive weather information to your pocket, tablet and now, to your Apple Watch. Powered by the world’s largest network of weather stations you get real-time forecasts for your actual location — know if it's going to start raining on your way to work, pack the right clothes for your weekend away trip and so much more.

In addition to the current temperature and precipitation estimation for your location, pick and choose the items that matter most to you. Simply re-arrange the 'Now' screen to have all the information visible at a glance. I like keeping a radar map and a brief summary of today’s forecast but you can also include live cameras, Spark alerts for nearby lightnings, wind and pollen conditions. The app uses geolocation to find your nearest weather station automatically and present you with the most accurate data wherever you are.

WeatherBug's level of customisation goes as deep as giving you recommendations based on your lifestyle choices. Whether you're into outdoor sports, gardening, or are just planning a family day out, get WeatherBug to find the right day. For example, this Saturday it's going to be cold outside and we get an alert telling us we must wear appropriate winter clothes. Sunday it's just too rainy and we'd better plan some activity indoors.

Now, this is a neat feature: WeatherBug Home Connect will talk to your smart thermostat to monitor, manage and analyse your home temperature. Combining this data with the live weather forecasts from your neighbourhood will get you help you to make informed decisions to manage your energy use, reduce carbon footprint and save money. It's time to upgrade to a smart weather app. Check out what WeatherBug can do for you downloading it from the App Store or Google Play Store today.