Sponsor - WeatherBrush

WeatherBrush is a personal hair styling diary for your iPhone to keep your hair looking gorgeous regardless of the weather conditions. Think of all the time and effort to make that hair look just right and realize it’s going to rain later that afternoon! High humidity, strong winds and high temperatures are the perfect recipe for the dreaded bad hair day. Just say no to bad hair days!

With WeatherBrush you get an hourly and 7-day weather forecast for your location so you know what’s coming at you. All this important weather information is saved in your diary automatically with your selfies, allowing you to know your best — and worst styles — to see how your hair looked under certain conditions. Are you proud of those amazing curls? Share it with your friends on social media! Running out of ideas? Just scroll through your diary to see all your favourite looks. Frizzy, greasy or incredibly spectacular, remove the guesswork from choosing your style for the day downloading WeatherBrush from the App Store today.