Sponsor - Spritzr

Spritzr is the dating app where your friends play matchmaker. Yes, matchmaking. That good old-fashioned thing where a friend introduces you to one of their friends who is also single because you would make a lovely couple together. If you have been in this situation, you know that the options to look for your other half nowadays are not great. You open an app, swipe on pictures of perfect strangers, get into creepy chats and get some really awkward introductions. Wouldn’t you rather meet that special someone through one of your friends?

Here’s how it works: if you are single, join Spritzr as a dater. This means you are available and your friends will be able to match you with any of their single friends. Are you in a relationship? Great! You’ve just become a matchmaker. You are in charge of suggesting potential matches to your friends and act as a connection point between singles on Spritzr via your Facebook network. When you match two friends, they will receive your suggestion and decide whether they’re interested and contact each other. If they’re not, you just saved yourself some uncomfortable explanation and can move on to your next match.

The best matchmakers, those with a special eye to join two friends, receive karma points as a reward to unlock special perks. If you aren’t having much success with your friend’s skills you can also recruit expert matchmakers from the Spritzr community to help. Who knows? Maybe you are one date away from finding your perfect match.

It’s time to date in a more natural, fun way. Download Spritzr from the App Store or Google Play Store and get your friends to play matchmaker.