Sponsor - Fatify

Fatify by Apptly is a incredibly fun app for iOS and Android that turns your selfies into the fattest version of you. Get ready to discover how you would look like after a strict diet of hamburgers and fries with an app to make my face fat. The results are truly shocking!

To get started simply take a selfie or choose a picture from your Camera Roll — using pictures of celebrities or profile pictures from your friends guarantees instant laughs too! Move the markers around so Fatify knows exactly where the eyes, mouth and chin are and there you have it: a photo-realistic animation of you with 600 pounds extra.

While seeing that massive double chin is a great motivation to stick to a healthy lifestyle, the prank potential with Fatify is endless. Just imagine texting a friend that you haven’t seen in a while an innocent picture of your greasy you and wait for the reaction. Or perhaps share each other’s fat selfies on a WhatsApp group after a very greedy restaurant meal. Surely the most devilish one is creating a short video animation adding your own voice and casually sending it to your mom! The subtle animation gives it that realistic edge that will make you and everyone else think twice before grabbing that last slice of pizza.

For some real good-natured laughs transforming your face download Fatify by Apptly for free from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store today.