Search Wikipedia with Launch Center Pro

The latest update of Articles, the Wikipedia client for iPhone and iPad by Sophiestication just received a sweet update that can make your article consumption way quicker. Thanks to some magic going on behind the scenes, AppCubby's Launch Center Pro — reviewed here — can now talk with Articles with a couple of taps.

I'm a big fan of Articles myself for its great look, easy language switch and responsiveness compared with mobile web view and other app alternatives on the App Store. Although Launch Center Pro already supports a big deal of third party apps, reading that version 2.3 joined the list was a very pleasant surprise. Of course, I had to download the latest Articles update and see if it makes any difference.  

Adding a Wikipedia search query on Launch Center Pro 

Opening the edit mode on Launch Center Pro, the one with the blueprint background, you can access the action composer tapping on the plus sign. Scrolling down the Common list of action App Cubby recommends, you can see the installed apps on your iPhone or iPad. Articles has a submenu indicating you can select four different actions.

The first of them, Launch Articles, is the same as tapping the icon on your home screen. More complex search queries like search for Articles by Title or by Content are also available. Selecting the option won't do the trick and you need to enter for fields in the options window. 

Type the keywords in the title and the language (in two-letter language code as in 'en' for English) to access directly a frequently used Wikipedia search from Launch Center Pro. The same goes for keyword searches within the content of Wikipedia entries. The action composer will generate the URL beginning with 'x-articles://...' for you so you don't need to worry about it. 

In the video embedded you see all the options available. If don't include any keyword in the action composer you'll have to type it when Articles opens, which defeats the purpose of having a shortcut for it. You can clearly see that you need to select a language as well, which involves some extra taps. My recommendation is to have Launch Center to open Articles with a defined language already, allowing you to launch the app quickly without having to tap on the search area unnecessarily.

I keep the Articles app handy on my springboard and I'm still trying to find the best way to combine my regular usage with Launch Center Pro. There are some good options available so I recommend that you play with it yourself to see if it works for you.