Safari 5 tip: Prevent iTunes links from launching the app

The latest Safari update allows users to install extensions (finally!) in an easy way and many programmers are contributing with their creations. This is a quick tip for those who use Safari 5 and bump into iTunes links that will automatically launch the iTunes app on your desktop. Well, this was bugging me a lot until I found NoMoreiTunes by Florian Pichler.
This simple extension will stop iTunes links from launching the app. The iTunes preview page recently implemented by Apple gives in most of the cases enough information to need to check the AppStore on iTunes. Now I'm enjoying browsing through websites and clicking on links without the annoyance of an app launching automatically. 
Does it sound like something you need? Over 10,000 users think so! Simply enable the extension panel if you haven't done so yet and download NoMoreiTunes for free and start enjoying the iTunes directly on your browser. 
There are many other excellent extensions over at the Safari Extensions repository by Jonas Wisser, so have a look if you like to customise your browser.