Ringo reviewed - A different music puzzle

Ringo [iTunes Link] is the latest creation from Islandic studio Ymir Mobile. Creating a casual puzzler is not easy and we see game concepts being repeated over and over in the AppStore. Ringo is a sort of circular tetris powered by music and with a small twist. Apparently the indie devs wanted to come up with something new instead of rehashing some game idea that we could have played before.

You are presented with a circle that attracts semicircular pieces. You have to scratch or rotate the vinyl being played on an old gramophone and your goal is to match pieces of the same color to eliminate them. Mechanics are similar to the classic Tetris, and as the level advances, more blocks or pieces will be thrown at your disc until your turntable is saturated and collapses. Gameplay is simple and easy to pick up and it utilizes the touch screen in a fun way, using your finger to position the pieces around the central circle. 

I have been playing this game over the holiday and have showed it to some family members. It is an approachable game suitable for all ages. I would say it is one of those where you can show off the iDevice capabilities. While the graphics may only get a pass,  the controls that allow the player to drag and drop sets of blocks get a solid good. 

I liked the pace of the game. Difficulty increases as the game progresses. From some initial easy blocks to match by color to a mess of bars on your deck, it was all fun. For me the best was the ability to wait to submit the score until you get a good combination of bars. I would expect a reaction like Tetris, where the game will delete a line as soon as you place three elements together. With Ringo you can choose when to make them disappear. 

Overall a fun game with big aspirations: I could see this working in other platforms, but perhaps not as well as with multitouch controls.  I can say Ringo has a special feel and has definitely potential and some personality. I recommend you grab it while its on sale.