Review - "2Do" Guided Ways ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

2Do [iTunes Link] is the new To Do application for iPhone OS from Guided Ways Technologies. At the time of this review, the app was 9th most paid app in the productivity category in the UK Store. Although its name might suggest something else, I see 2Do more of a iCal & Notes Sync . 2Do allows the user to add tasks notes and add them to a todo list. The list is ordered chronologically, having on top the errand that needs to be done now.

2Do doesn't differentiate different steps in GTD techniques or other existing ToDo apps already populating the store such as (App Store links) ThingsTodo or OmniFocus. Guided Ways is not new to the category since they already had placed mid-price app Groups in #43 in that category. 

2Do's icon is a mix between Things and Notes apps, which I think its very indicative. A Todo list on a piece of paper of a calendar. The design is correct but is not spot on. The application itself has a variety of themes and functions that are present in other apps from the same developer (ie. Drag and Drop, Tabs, Colour scheme). 

 Adding a new errand in 2Do. Alarms can be set as push potifications, iCal alarm warning and email. UPDATE: Notice that most elements in this review refer to version 1.0. 




Tasks can be sorted using different criteria easily.









 Loads of eye candy options that you have to discover yourself.




One of the themes (sugar, I think) resembles a cream crumbled piece of paper.




Syncing works over WiFi as long as your computer has installed a small plugin to syncronise your iDevice with your ical agenda. These guys are so careful and nice with you that they warn you that the app might mess things up and that it is advisable to backup ical frequently. This guys even give you a little script for you to execute and backup without any mayor problem.




To mark tasks as done, you just need to swipe your  finger across the screen. This actually feels more natural to me than the tick-box system. You can undo actions as well. 







 2Do gives the user the ability to stretch the screen to use tabs or to use a wider version with small icons.





Conclusion: 2Do deserves to be in the 100 app list. This piece of software is fully featured and has many more options than other apps todo productivity apps. 2Do delivers to sync over wifi, making it more innovative than my current favourite Things for example. The UI is definitely eye candy although the icon is not master class yet. I love the functionality that 2Do brings to the table because it allows me to merge calendar entries with task items very easily. Guided Ways has a good track of design and innovation and I believe that this will get updated till 1.5 in the future.