Quitit! Treat or punish your Lumpy this Christmas

Quitit! [iTunes Link] by 2n Productions is a ridiculously crazy game where you "take care" of a blue blob named Lumpy. It looks to me like some jelly, but Lumpy was in a recent life a famous star and only wants to be treated well. The first think you will notice, as with any star, is how Lumpy's mood changes very often. This might have to do with past fame and a youth spoiled by presents. 

Now, lucky iDevice owner, you have Lumpy for yourself and can treat it... or punish as you want! Similar to the classic Tamagotchi, this jelly being lives in its camerino and waits there for you to act. Quitit! has its particular name because you will annoy so much this young star that will ask you to quit it for once! 

The game is quite a veteran and it has been updated with episodes in the fashion of Pocket God, which is a great sign of commitment from the developer. The game is bundled with many extras, but let's start with the basics. Like a Roman emperor, your Lumpy wants to be caressed and poked. You will have a huge range of pokers for this (I got a chimp arm with a banana, a taser, a feather,… you get the idea). To poke, you only need to touch Lumpy, and oh boy, it can get quite annoying for him! Some pokers are more pleasant than others and naturally Lumpy will try to dodge the bad ones. 

I had a lot of fun poking tapping repeatedly fast to see the reaction. Lumpy will release from its body all sort of things, being the most valuable the coins. If you strike a good poke combo, Lumpy will start puking coins like crazy. All the coins you collect in the game can be used in the shop to buy new pokers, gifts and holidays. Some gifts and pokers will please your Lumpy so it is a good idea to try as many as you want. The animations when the gift gets delivered are very cute and I can see there has been a a lot of care put into the amazing amount of available gifts. 

It doesn't end there. Another third of the game are the minigames that are offered (or can be played after paying). These have Lumpy as a character of course, and they give a new dimension to Quitit! They have been added through updates, and to be honest, the dev is doing a massive favor including them in the game. They could easily be $0.99 games on their own. From basketball, shooting game and brickbreaker, playing minigames is a fast way to earn credits. 


The overall look of Quitit! is great. The cartoony graphics and the amount of accessories included are all well crafted. Even if I like the sound effects ("Quit it! Quit it! Ouch!") I'm not such a big fan of the music, since it gets really repetitive. Perhaps this is done on purpose to give it the feel of a TV show, but with the amount of quality updates Quitit! has, some music variation could be good. The game is OpenFeint enabled but could be nice some integration to pass pokers to friends for example. 

I don't see any real goal in the game but I keep coming to it. It relieves the stress somehow. This is one of those games with so many things to be discovered that I want to try it them all. Different pokers have special effects on Lumpy and I love tapping endlessly with different combinations until I unlock it. Wether you prefer to please or punish, Quitit! has a lot of personality and is worth a look.