Quick Look - Wacky races in Stunt Wagon


The iPod Touch and iPhones on display at the physical Apple Stores have apps installed to showcase the device's capabilities. I my last visit to the Regents Store in London I was glad to see that unknown Stunt Wagon [iTunes Link] game by Zinc Roe was sitting along other premium apps that are usually featured in TV commercials. 
When I first played Stunt Wagon it reminded me to a minigame included in the Gameboy's "The Simpson: Bart vs. The Juggernauts", back in 1992. The concept could not be easier: You will roll down a risky hill full of obstacles. You'll have to avoid hitting them to gain speed and collect potions and other goodies that will increase your "Zimmer" power, this is to make incredibly long jumps, almost like flying with your wagon. To avoid hitting the orange cones and wheels, the user will need to tilt the device making good use of the accelerometer. I completed a run without flying, but it helps when the way is too cluttered at fasts speeds. 


The slopes are quite long and the aim here is to beat the clock. You can select your character between Eva, Edgar, and charismatic black cat called 13, that appear in a series of games from the developer. My favorite without doubt. The game has been made for the youngest generation of players, so I hope it doesn't encourage anyone to through a cat down the road on a small kid's wagon. The graphics have been drawn nicely in 2D fashion and it includes short witty animations. This is a short game for all audiences to spend some fun time with.