Project Magazine finally back with issue 2 - as paid content

Project, the iPad exclusive magazine introduced last month, is back to the App Store trying to convince the skeptics and address many of the criticism on its debut. After making the first issue free during the holiday season, Project is back to the in-app-purchase model after improving its servers and trimming the file size to make the download experience somewhat bearable.

The second issue features star Bear Grylls on its animated video cover as well as other multimedia goodies that should not auto-play back if they want to sell any issue in the future. Watching the Jeff Bridges video play automatically on every page turn on an eight-page interview was seriously off-putting.

The new issue brings more interactivity joy, including a slideshow depicting life in Burma, the private parts of a McLaren MP4-12C supercar, an interactive interview with the author of "Requiem for a dream," a London video guide and even a surprise from Richard Branson himself.

With the amount of real magazines with the reputation of The New Yorker or WIRED, do you think that these dedicated new titles deserve a chance? I'm a big fan of WIRED myself and I didn't enjoy much its hyped iPad edition. Sorry guys, it was disappointing. Project magazine shares a similar editorial style and went for the same sort of reading experience: vertical scrolling, embedded videos and a general lack of orientation. A bad swipe and you would get lost in the digital magazine. I have mixed feelings about Project, but hope they can add more content, stay low on advertising and keep up the innovations. Most of the rub-here-now and tap-to-listen an interview gimmicks made the app very unresponsive. Please, just make sure that this one won't crash.