Pix'n Love Rush - An instant classic

Nostalgia is strong with iPhone gamers, otherwise I could not explain games like Pix'n Love Rush [iTunes Link] by Bulkypix. This jump & run game has had a tremendous success since it launched in June and even got featured as Staff Pic on the AppStore in the "Retro Reloaded" and "The best games you've never played" selections. It seems that despite all the new innovations brought to the iPhone and iPod Touch on their last upgrades, people simply like old school titles to have a quick fun game.
Pix'n Love Rush works under the basic premise of obtaining points collecting points and makes multiple combos. You need to avoid enemies, some sort of square elements and shooting yourself, since they will break your combo chains. The game presents your character on an scenario for a short period of time, and will jump to a different level really quickly. The goal is to get as many coins and shoot as many enemies as you can before moving on to the next level. This is why I think the "Rush" of the title makes a lot of sense; it is a hectic hunt without time to think about it. You can either play the 5-minute or Infinite mode, which goes on until you run out of lives. 
"Think old school Pacman mixed in with Doodle Jump and sprinkled with a little L.S.D. and a whole lotta fun" iTunes Review by Manacor
The game also benefits from a retro 16-bit look, combined with some modern day effects and arcade colour schemes, which are absolutely perfect for Pix'n Love Rush. The music deserves special mention: I like how the rhythm increases when you level up and the way the quirky sound effects suit  this game perfectly. The control scheme is not the best I've seen and we could do with some customization, as the shoot and jump buttons (which you need to use all the time) are too far from each other. The left and right controls are too close, so you might find yourself going in the wrong direction quite often. 

Pix'n Love Rush is an AppStore instant classic; it has been a very successful release that many gamers won't delete from their iPhone and iPod Touch. It's unbelievable how some levels remind me of Super Mario Bros and Space Invaders! BulkyPix has put together very simple ingredients and have created an addictive game that owners will love. I might not have depth other have, but it is all about the looks, replay value and some quick fun.