Personal bill management with push and cloud backup... on your table

Expense tracking has traditionally been one of the areas that PDAs and smartphones have attempted to cover. I have tried many solutions for the iPhone such as Pennies and Expenditure, but nothing on the App Store comes as close as Bills on your table when you try to deal with upcoming bills. The app by PoweryBase, the developer known for its push to-do NotifyMe app, has adapted the great functionality for the iPad, bringing with it the user experience and polish that you would expect in a premium app. 

Bills ~ on your table HD [iTunes Link] helps you to track your bills and payments ensuring you don't miss any payment in the future. The iPad app uses the same logic of grouping your bills according to their due date, a simple approach that will allow you to forecast future payments easily. To add a new bill, you can choose to enter some basic details such as name and amount, plus a myriad of options included that fit any need. 

Two of the killer features present in the iPhone version also make it to the iPad. Along with custom push notifications to remind you of upcoming bills, Bills on your table also syncs with other devices over the air and backs up your information securely encrypted on the cloud. This makes using both versions of the app specially useful, as you can add bills on the go and review them later on the iPad or browser when you get home.


Unlike some similar finance apps, Bills ~ on your table HD is flexible enough to meet most of your needs. You can include, lets say, utility bills paid through direct debit every month there, and tell the apps these will be automatically paid when they reach the due date. In case you are paying a mortgage or a loan, you can select several options to pay certain amount every month out of a total or break it down onto recurring small payments. 

In addition to all the functionality, PoweryBase has taken the time to present everything in a beautiful manner thanks to wooden pattern backgrounds, items that mimic paper texture and plenty of category icons. I found the brown elements very slick and although there are some small issues when editing content, every area looks great.  


If you're looking for  a way to manage your budget or checking accounts, understand Bills only covers upcoming payments. You can probably find a way around it, but it hasn't been designed specifically for those tasks. There is a statistics page, but instead of presenting you some graph, it will only list all past items. It should be labeled "Past bills" for example. Nevertheless, I hope this area is improved in the future, so users can view with a pie chart where the money is going. 

I can't stop recommending Bills on your table HD enough for current iPhone users. Synchronised with other iOS devices it becomes a great bills management combo. I like the fact that there's a free backup solution (imagine you accidentally delete the app.) There is nothing truly revolutionary here, hence the learning curve is very low: learning to add items and understand categories is a matter of seconds. If you are serious about your personal finances and keep forgetting to pay bills in the past, give this one a go.