One week for the tablet Armageddon

We've heard it a million times already but we just can't get enough of them. Apple, company who reinvented the phone is going to reinvent something else. Or that's al lets what so many rumours convince us of. 

We know the story of the Newton. A failed portable device that allowed manual input thanks to a stylus. We saw how Apple nailed it with its attempt to enter the mobile industry with the iPhone, reinforcing iTunes as a distribution model with true potential thanks to the AppStore. What's next? If Amazon can produce a device and sell titles for a portable reader, Apple can. It's what they've been doing. It's their thing. 
So yes we have it.You name it: an iPad, iTablet, Magic Tablet, Magic Slate, … There might even be some iPhone 4G there. The amount of rumours about a touch-reading-wireless-gamebreaker device is immense. Even cdarlingblair has collected the biggest ones and has composed an interactive graphic. He lists 20 of them, and I can say I have see them repeated over an over. To illustrate how ridiculous this can get, let's pretend they are all true and describe a device with those features. This is my personal press release: 


Even if this is only a joke, I think a couple of the statements will be true. We know that Apple leaks information to the mainstream to explore the terrain before launching a new product. It filters information for the public to get used to it.
John Martellaro, a former Senior Marketing Manager at Apple, revealed the leak process at The Mac Observer, in response to Monday's confirmation of the Apple Tablet in the WSJ.
Even Apple's lawyers indirectly confirmed the existence of a tablet. I prefer to go for the Magic Slate name. We are supposed to have one week only more to wait.