OmniFocus and the rest of the family get free cloud sync across devices

For any seasoned Mac user The Omni Group is a household name. In the last years the company has built its reputation with new customers bringing their best ideas to iOS. Apps like OmniFocus, OmniOutliner and OmniPlan aren't only high-quality productivity examples of their work, but also pulse on that mediocrity that sometimes inundates the App Store. As I mentioned in an old post, this is a demonstration that there's a market for premium apps for iPhone and iPad.

Today is a great day for those of us using any of Omni's app and for the Mac community in general. The developer's own cloud synchronization service Omni Sync Server is now officially out of beta and it's available for all its iOS apps and OmniFocus and OmniPlan for the Mac. To all of you, congratulations!

This in-house option was included as a way to sync mobile and desktop apps as an extra a long time away. Omni included a short declaimer indicating the beta status while also providing a bunch of alternatives, so I must admit this came as a surprise. For the less tech savvy, setting up WebDAV was a bit tricky and using Omni's own sync solution was definitely more user-friendly. 

We're all fascinated about the prospects of iCloud, but we're also aware of its caveats — Apple keeping it for Mac App Store apps only for instance. It also seems that developers are having a hard time implementing some of its features such as backup in games, so I'm glad as an user that I'm offered with alternatives. I surely need to update my round-up of productivity apps that sync to the cloud some time after this.  

Now you should be wondering about the pricing model. Well, it turns out it is free. No extra cost or monthly subscriptions. What a fantastic addition and value proposition for new users considering spending "too much" on Omni's catalog. When I was a kid I was told that sometimes it's worth investing in one or two good products instead of a lot of cheap ones. I'm glad I still remember my grandma's advice and keep using some of the best tools available for Mac and iOS today.