Ode to the touchscreen keyboard

Now that the iPad has a keyboard "A dream to type on", I've got myself a physical one from the company that made that marvel. I've finally got one that hopefully will help me to improve my typing skills. he drawbacks of the keyboard on my Macbook are that it is for Spanish language and that it's not so comfortable to to type on (specially when using Mavis Beacon's typing app). 
"It’s too early for me to say without lots of testing, the size of the iPad’s virtual keyboard may be a liability. I found it almost too wide for thumb typing, and a colleague who’s a whiz at touch typing and tried it briefly found it awkward to type on."
I didn't have to go to eBay to find it, some models with cable like this were selling for around £15 there. A friend gave it to me as a birthday present. One more member to my white Apple family.