Next generation iPhone could make Jonathan Ive go back to white


Look at them! After ditching the white plastic finish from its products, the new iPhone could be back to white. The pictures posted a couple of days on a Taiwanese forum showed evidence of a white front casing for the next iPhone generation. The leak was picked up by MacRumors and now an Italian iPhone website has rendered what would be the next generation model... in white. I've found the pictures at MacStories and they've done a great job.

At first sight, it doesn't feel very Applesque, but it has been created taking the Gizmodo iPhone as a guide and it looks pretty good to me. The back has lost its curviness and looks specially glossy with the white colour. If it resembles any other product by Jonathan Ive, it would be the first white Intel iMacs, which also share shape and logo on grey. What do you think of the new design? Do you think Apple could present anything like this next month?