New visitor record - Many thanks!



How could I realize what I was getting into? In this post I wrote about the potential scam scandal found by SCW and iphoneography. This story sounded to me like it show be made public, since it affected many app users that have purchased apps from this developer, and to the whole iPhone community. 

I'm proud that I helped to give publicity to this sad story, but that will teach unscrupulous developers/users/reviewers that the App Store worked because there is a community behind. Many blogs have mentioned the story and some even included a link to quoting the email I got from Molinker. 

This humble blog has never seen anything like this and it has set a new record of visitors 200% (and counting) higher than the previous top mark. I'm glad bloggers and readers liked the story and I will continue to write about the iPhone world with no commercial interest. I feel a bit upset realizing that it was a difficult topic like this that made the news and not something positive. I don't want it to be a tabloid!

I'm writing this as a big thank you note to Glyn at iphoneography and SCW, for showing us that the community has a right to say something to Apple. Apple has been very fast and discreet about the story, perhaps they will comment in the future. Anyway, from what I've read, most people think of it as a good move, so thanks Apple and Phil Schiller. Thanks for all the people that re-tweeted, commented and blogged about it. And to Francis, why not, for making this picture available under cc. 

I've updated the list of links with mentions of the story: