New Apple Store coming to Covent Garden

After the opening of the Shanghai and Paris flagship Apple Stores, I couldn't believe that this corner in front of Covent Garden Market in London was covered with the Apple red curtain.

The location is really overcrowded every day of the week, and despite the building not being really flashy, I dare to say that more pedestrians walk in front of it than the popular Apple Store in Regents Street in Oxford Circus.

I took the picture yesterday and you can really see the amount of tourists around 16:30 when everyone else was at work. The area is home to numerous fashion stores and even some blue-chip companies like TripAdvisor. The Market itself is right in front of the new Apple Store and boasts restaurants and a crafts street market. People who who noticed the familiar red curtains were reluctant to say it was an Apple Store since there is no Apple logo on display yet. (UPDATED: Apparently there is a logo)

The nearby development of St. Martins Courtyard behind the famous fashion school seemed more likely for a futuristic design, but the I guess that the location chosen will opt for a conservative design to match the look of the rest of the block. If you were thinking of curved stairs, the restaurant that used to be there had a huge basement.