New accolade for top apps and games - App Hall of Fame

Apple makes its own special lists on the AppStore, services like Appshopper help you to hunt down the best deals, websites like appolicious lets you to share your favourites and blogs like AppFreak keep you updated with the latest good stuff; but let's admit it: entering the AppStore can be really overwhelming.

For the sake of sanity and to bring some visibility to the best of the breed, Jeff Scott from 148Apps has gathered a selection of app gurus to compile the App Hall of Fame. The panel will choose every month 12 best-in-class apps and games emphasizing those older gems that might have been buried on the AppStore by promotions and new apps. 

The initiative promises to be a great resource for app freaks to find outstanding content that may otherwise be forgotten, plus the change go receive free copies signing up to the mailing list. In addition to the buzz created for the inductees, the sponsor Flurry is also awarding the finalists with $1000 worth of its AppCircle service credits.

I'm really excited about App Hall of Fame and see how it evolves. I follow most of the committee members either reading their articles or on Twitter, so I'm quite intrigued to see what they come up with. 

The October inductees have now been chosen and the results show nothing far from the obvious. The three all-time classic games that have monopolised the #1 spot on the AppStore are there (Read Angry Birds, Doodle Jump and Flight Control.) Other games featured are the tower defense oriented Fieldrunners and Plants vs Zombies, two award-winning titles that have found the glory on other platforms. 

via RafeB

Shazam makes it again into a must-have app list while the former Twettie 2, now simply Twitter, shows that third-party clients will need to up their game considerably to gain a spot on this Hall of Fame. I'm also glad to see that Instapaper, one of my favorite services (although not necessarily the best app it could be) is there. I found more questionable the selection of Evernote (you either love it or hate it) and Simplenote, which I haven't found compelling. From a European perspective it is difficult to talk about Pandora and Com2us' Homerun Battle 3D, but they've received great reviews in the past. 

So keep the date: every second Monday of the month, the committee will unveil its verdict. If you are a developer, check out the About section and see how to apply for nomination. Congrats to Jeff for pulling this fantastic initiative, I pledge to comment on the results I'm hopeful I'll discover some fantastic apps.