Never miss a payment again - Bills on your table

There is a time in the life of an app lover when we sit down and have to be cautious about the money we spent on the store. Even if I can't resist downloading the latest on the AppStore, we must pay our bills by the end of the month. I don't have any problem keeping some money aside for my monthly commitments, but with all the utility bills, monthly contracts and council tax, I do struggle keeping track of what needs to be paid and do it on time.

If you find yourself in the same situation, it's time to install Bills [iTunes Link] by PoweryBase. This little gem is not a new release, but the latest update, which includes multitasking for the latest iPhone software, has been a game changer for me. The premise is simple: Add the recurring bills and the payment due dates and Bills will remind you of what you can't stop forgetting. I found the push notification alerts really convenient for my utility bills but it works equally well with loan or mortgage, insurances, credit card bills and the likes.

Since the data included here is personal and private, Bills will welcome you with a lovely passcode screen with a Mac inspired "Hello." It really shows there is a good graphic designer involved. The developer has tried to make personal finances a bit more fun, adding graphic details that are nice to the eye and displaying the information in a pleasing way. The main screen gives you a glance of the payments overdue and coming soon. Even if adding new items is bread and butter, the option to set recurring bills will make you forget about it. However, I'm missing some flexibility: Most of my bills need to be paid on certain days, but others change every month (e.g. last Friday of the month) and the app can't handle this.

A personal finance app that looks this good can't be too serious, but it's only when you try it and get all those push notifications alerts that you realise its true potential. With three major updates on its back, Bills is shinier than ever

Every bill you set up will be categorised, allowing you to group them, but also displayed on a calendar according to their payment day. The visual aspect is perhaps to overdone, but I seriously miss this level of polish in the Productivity category on the AppStore. My favorite has to be the wooden calendar without doubt! On top of these features, Bills can also be accessed remotely via web, which also backs up your personal data on their servers. It is a nice simple website with MobileMe-esque style that I have managed to fit on my workflow: I add items on the go with the app, but when I have the invoices get home, I sit down and will check on the web version.