My simple setup

As part of a recent interview with Adam Oram of Noted I shared an improvised setup with the tools I use. I don’t have a dedicated home office space right now and that’s OK. I can take my laptop to any room in the house where I can something to sit on and find the calm to type some words. Since that wouldn’t be a good answer for the readers, I figured out it would be better to arrange some of my favourite gadgets on my kitchen table and pretend that was my actual sweet setup.

I always find these kind of pictures and lists quite pretentious. Now that it’s my turn to share I just want you to see what I really like. The majority are very affordable too. You can find the full interview at Noted where I explain what these mean to me and how I use them.

IMG_1153 2.jpg

Here’s the list of items on that picture.

  • 13-inch Macbook Air, mid-2012, 2GHz Core i7 processor with 8GB of RAM and SSD.
  • EasyAcc laptop felt sleeve (Amazon).
  • RHA earphones with remote from Scotland (Amazon).
  • Thermodo electrical thermometer for smartphones (Robocat).
  • LaCie iamaKey. A USB drive that looks like a key? It’s just fun (Amazon).
  • Hitachi Touro 1TB external drive (Amazon).
  • LaCie Rugged 1TB external drive (Amazon).
  • B5 Ring Notebook (Muji).
  • MM Yellow Acetate / Titanium spectacles (Reykjavik Eyes).
  • Casio A163WA-1QES Classic Digital Watch (Amazon).
  • Duralex Picardie Tumbler. The glass from your secondary school’s cantine (Amazon).