More app promotions for the holiday season

After the completion of the AppVent calendar, not all the promotions are over. iPhone developers and publishers have been changing the price of their apps and games during the holidays season, most radically when iTunes Connect closed for holidays. We will have to keep tracking those prices changes individually, but some devs have teamed up to create cool initiatives. 



Here's a list of the ones that you shouldn't miss:

  • 12 Days of Christmas (European iTunes only)

Hosted by Apple, this one appeared right after the announcement of the AppVent Calendar. The mechanic is the same: Everyday a free iTunes item. Notice it doesn't necessarily have to be an app/game. 


One of the novelties of this promotion is the inclusion of an iPhone app that will send you push notifications with alerts of the daily gift [iTunes Link]. I previously thought that it was a requirement to access the freebies, but it is not at all, besides the app will send you the notification even if you have seen the gift of the day. 


Some of the big players in iTunes are meant to participate and today we have Trivial Pursuit for free. That's what I call a nice 30th anniversary celebration! There are heavy rumors of Labyrinth and Let's Golf being included. From the 26th of December to the 6th of January, only is some European Stores. 


  • 12 Days of Christmas Apps

This is the indie spin off from the Apple promo where some devs active in Touch Arcade forums are collaborating. Some are actually top tier games that you have heard before: Hanged from Freeverse, Scarecrow by Ezone, Glenn Corpes' Ground Effect, 9000 BC, Harbor Master or Red Conquest. 

To have a chance to win one of the +600 promocodes donated to the initiative, you only need to register here and wait for some luck. The prizes are given away randomly, so there is no need to check the website everyday, which will prevent the games from having some extra exposure. You will receive an email with a link o check wether you have won or not. The promotion runs from  the 26th of December to the 6th of January, and this one is open to all countries. 

  • New Year's App Blowout! 

For New Year's Eve some apps are going to have a discounted price. Organised by Howling Moon Software, this end of the year sale will include their game Twilight Golf. Some popular devs have joined including games like Eyegore's Eye Blast, Train Conductor, Ringo and Outnumbered, amongst others. Some games already have the discounted price, so make sure you check out the full list