Momento review - Let it mature

Momento by is one of those app that catches your eye. I've been testing it for two weeks now and I hasn't reached yet the home screen, but it is showing good manners. Momento [iTunes Link] by d3i is a personal diary app, where you can keep your social media activity organised for time to come. The studio's first app, allows the user to input memories in an easy elegant flair. 

First of all, the app is password protected. When I first heard about the app, I thought it could be a massive fail if it didn't include password protection, but it does have one. In fact this is never written on the website. 

Momento can read from social APIs to find your stream. You can get your twitter posts, favorites and facebook updates. It reads back in your calendar and fills the information magically, as if you had been adding all your social streams there. Might not be very innovative, but the idea of getting this info automatically is a great way to save you some time. Then you have the actual diary function. You can add annotations or what they call "moments", that I prefer to think of it as texting myself. This won't allow you to input your memories in the old fashion paper diary way. It doesn't even have landscape mode implemented, however, the vertical version with the keyboard looks damn good. 


With your text, you can add pictures to your moment. It's more like sticking a picture to the fridge, but is cool if you make good use of your iPhone camera. The annotations can be tagged with people (much like facebook tags for pictures), add a location, events, and even to add custom text tags. 
During my testing, the big deal was: Am I going to use this every day? Do I really need to do this? Well, it took me the time to discover that the beauty of the app is not only aesthetic, it is in the way you use it. Momento resembles more to a family photo album than a diary. The information is so rich, specially if you link your flickr account and add pictures in the app. Sometimes I just like to sit and go through the last weeks to see what I've done. It's relaxing, it will make you remember good moments and has helped me to be in touch with friends more than facebook's live feed. 

Developer d3i really took care to make this a beautiful experience. The app is gorgeous and have seen it more times in design blogs than iphone sites. This is something. I'm a big fan of the wooden UIs, and here I'm sold. The menubars are textured in a maroonish back, the background is woodified, the text background creamy and grey, the typography used is fantastic,… I couldn't stop. 


In my case I haven't managed to use the app everyday. It is something that I want to keep installed on the iPhone to see from time to time. Since I post my blog posts to twitter, I can see what I have posted thanks to the calendar. The app has potential for growth, adding more social services and becoming some sort of friendfeed. For this one, it really depends on the use you do of your online accounts. If you barely write something on your facebook's status, upload flickr pictures or favorite tracks on, I honestly think you should think twice. For the power users, maybe it would become too clogged, but I reckon is than you want the functionality that a twitter, facebook, flickr, and gives you.