Mobilizer on Tweetie 2 - Make websites load faster

If you are an appfreak like me you will use Tweetie 2 a lot. One of the things I like most is to save the website links in tweets to read later. Maybe I'm just going quickly through the tweets and I bump into something interesting. If it has a link, I'll save it for later thanks to the Instapaper feature. It is so convenient that I don't even wait for the website to load. I hit the lat button "Read Later" and job done. I recommend you have a look to Instapaper and its app [iTunes Link] that allow you to read things at your own pace. 


This is a great addition to Tweetie 2, but there is still some more. Thanks to Instant Mobilizer technology, you can make Instapaper's view the default one for the browser inside the twitter app. This means that you will see a Spartan version of the website, improved for mobile devices. This will help you to load websites much faster and reduce bandwidth usage. 


To use this feature you need to set it up in Tweetie's settings. You need to launch the app and go to the Settings menu (the button is on the left lower corner of the first screen where you choose your twitter account). Once you are in the settings menu, simply follow this route: ´Settings>Advanced>Mobilizer>Custom´ It will ask you to enter a custom Mobilizer API Endpoint. Type (without the @ that appears in the screenshot). This should set it up. 



Now every time you open a link in Tweetie 2 it will load automatically with a simplified version instead of the original too-heavy-for-iphone one. You can choose to view the original content,  however pictures and the text will be there.