Missing LINE's verification code to create a new account

Setting up a new profile on the app

Just after writing about what's new on LINE 3.10 for iOS 7, I want to cover some of the most frequent questions setting up an account on an iPhone. By popular demand I'm going through the installation and verification code step for those having problems logging in to LINE from their smartphones.

Right after installation you will be asked to login with your existing account or register as a new user. This is especially important if you have used the app before and have deleted it or are just changing device, as your purchased content (stickers) will be tied to that account. For new users, simply go to the second option to the Registration view. Now you need to enter the mobile number on that device without the country code — note how the country field will be already auto populated for you.

The alternative option is to create a new LINE account using the 'Login with Facebook' button, which is the recommended method if the registration with mobile phone number is giving you problems. In my case I will go for the account verification with a phone number, which will display the Terms of Service for you to accept. Once this is done, you get the confirmation that a SMS with a verification code will be sent to your smartphone to authorise access.

About your number privacy

You might have used these double-step verification kind of set up before on other messaging apps like Viber or WhatsApp. It's worth skimming through the terms and conditions or privacy policies to understand what the company will do with your information. In LINE's case, numbers are simply used for identification only and will not be displayed to other users.

The last step of the registration for a new LINE account is confirming with a verification code. From the emails I'm getting from some readers, I gather this can be a dead end for a lot of you. In this case you can opt for the Facebook login option mentioned above. Once you are on this screen the app will warn you that you should enter the code before returning to the previous stage, so please be patient. I have tried a couple of times and they arrive within a minute although tapping on the 'Resend Verification Code' didn't send any more.

If you are getting frustrated waiting for the SMS to arrive, perhaps you can try some troubleshooting to identify why this is not working. Believe it or not, when I was taking the screenshots for this tutorial I entered incorrectly my personal phone number and only realised when I transferred the photo to my computer. The lesson learned is: check you are typing the correct mobile number without any area or country code prefix.

It's also possible some mobile network carrier will be experiencing some specific issues with third party apps. These have been probably reported online by other users on forums so there's a good chance you'll find some information about your cellular network provider in your country with a Google search.

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