Meeting the Upgradians and other awesome podcast fans

The day before I messaged Adam Oram of Noted to tell him that it would be weird. I hate these meetups where you talk to random strangers. He was also attending and at least it would be a good opportunity to catch up, meet new people and “network”, he argued. I told myself I’ll go just for a drink… and I ended up staying over five hours.

 The only picture where I don't look like a stalker - by James Booth

The only picture where I don't look like a stalker - by James Booth

Today I listened to Upgrade, the podcast with Myke Hurley and Jason Snell, and remembered that I had to thank them for organising such a great event. It was great! Last week I had the pleasure to attend the first Upgrade meetup in London with a bunch of nerdy types who listen to the show, are into tech, love podcasting and generally have a good taste for geek things. In addition to meeting the hosts of the show in person and listen to their stories, it was a great way to meet new people with similar interests, just like Adam had predicted.

The problem with us nerds is that we are not great at socialising. I felt the awkwardness of the moment and others were looking lost too. Fortunately, everything flows better with alcoholic lubricants and the formality of the event gradually moved to euphoria. You can clearly see the progress on this gallery by fellow Upgradian James Booth. Thanks to everyone who bought drinks. We had an awesome time.

And because there’s always a takeaway, something valuable you bring home from these meetings, let me end this thank you post with my three favourites:

  • Myke Hurley and Jason Snell standing up all evening speaking to the groups of people forming around them. We knew these guys can talk for hours, but it must have been really exhausting answering questions non-stop and keeping smiling to new people approaching. So kind.
  • Great banter in one end of the room with Benjamin Dean, Piero Mamberti, Daniel Pape and Adam Oram. Towels, right?
  • Anze Tomic’s hilarious string of anecdotes about travelling, internet fame, NBA and English-American customs. When people asked who is the tall guy I would say “The Slovenian John Gruber”. Clearly funnier than the American!