Mark's iPhone 4 upgrade disaster

So nearly 24 hours after taking ownership of my iPhone4 my O2 SIM is still not active, and if it was I still couldn't hold the phone in my left palm because I'd have no signal.


Yesterday fellow Posterous blogger Mark Leet wrote about his experience upgrading to iPhone 4 with O2 in the UK. With tons of customers complaining about the AT&T pre-registration flops and the orders cancelled, it was shocking to read his first hand experience over here.

Since the original iPhone launch Apple had to partner with mobile operators and lost a big deal of the service they want to give to their clients. Prepare the micro-sims, have enough stock, process those accounts,... It seems some can't manage to do a proper roll-out. And if you didn't have enough, there are the reception issues that seem to be generalised and a hardware fault. Do you guys think this can be fixed with a software update or just with a bumper?

You can find Mark's full blog post here